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2022 Summer Ag Institutes

Ag Bag Materials from McLean County


Ag mag; plate for egg parts; Ag Bag letter
Poultry Ag in a Bag

Earth Day

Soil & Urban Ag Mags; Ag Bag letter; bracelet, seeds for sub-irrigation planter, Soil Sammy
Earth Day Ag in a Bag
Earth Day Bingo
Earth Day Scavenger Hunt


Beef & Corn Ag Bags; baseball Ag Bag letter; baseball charm bag; baseball trading cards
Baseball Ag in a Bag
Ag Baseball Cards


Pollinator Ag Mag; Pollinator Ag Bag letter; pasta for butterfly cycle
Pollinator Ag in a Bag

GMO Power Point Lesson

Thinking Critically about Food, Farming, and Sustainability

Escape Box Resources

Commodity Map

Illinois Reads

2019-2020 IAITC Accomplishments Report

Miscellaneous County Resources

Bloomington Hotel Accommodations

The link below contains a list of Bloomington/Normal hotels with links to each hotel’s website.